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All articles are freely available on our website.

Broad Coverage

IJRERD contains all fields of Engineering.

Low Publication Fees

IJRERD is non-profit non-loss organization.

Latest Research

It covers highly new research of each every field.

Payment Options:

For the articles or papers which authors submit for publication in International Journal of Recent Engineering Research and Development (IJRERD), you would not be charged any publication fees. Only on acceptance of the manuscript after peer review, corresponding author will have to pay only INR 1000 for author from India and USD 40 for author from other countries. Amount as processing, evaluation and editor's peer reviewing fees for which a mail regarding payment details and mode of payment will be communicated to the authors by editor-in-chief of the Journal.

Author Category Publication fee for Single Manuscript Soft Copy of Certificate
Indian Authors 1,000 INR Free of Cost (Soft Copy of Certificate)
International Authors 40 USD Free of Cost (soft Copy of Certificate)
If any author want to hard copy of certificates, you have to pay extra 250 INR / 15 USD.

Author can deposit fees through one of the following way :

There are following different ways of depositing fees for the publication of accepted articles. TheIjes's author can choose anyone according to his/her suitability.

By depositing fees in near bank branch

With the acceptance letter, author receives the account information. Anyone can deposit fees directly by going nearby bank branch in that account number.

By online net banking
Author can also use this way for depositing fees in the given account in acceptance letter by activating their net banking option.

By Demand Draft
Author can also send us demand draft of fees. For this we will give our postal address and name of which author has to make demand draft.

By Western Union / Money Gram
Author can also transfer your fees through westren union / money gram.

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