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International Journal of Recent Engineering Research and Development (IJRERD) is a peer reviewed open access journal. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence in the field of engineering, research, science and technology. For this purpose we invite you to contribute your excellent papers in the relevant fields. The publications of papers are selected through peer review to ensure originality, relevance, and readability. The journal is published every month with distribution to librarians, universities, technical colleges, and research centers, researchers in computing, communication, mathematics, networking, information science, biomedical, and engineering environment. The articles published in our journal can be accessed online. The journal maintains strict refereeing procedures through its editorial policies to publish only the highest quality paper.

Vision & Mission:

IJRERD is committed to providing a platform for readers, authors, editors, and peer-reviewers to promote scientific research.

The Journal is to provide a medium through which Engineering Researchers and scholars from around the world would be able to publish their scholarly papers applied and/or fundamental research works.

IJRERD aims for rapid publishing, accessibility, & affordability.

IJRERD Mission: Share FREE knowledge, Contribute to change, Provide the best service, Promote research, Aid development.

Key Features :

1. IJRERD aims to cover all major domains including general science and engineering.
2. Offering rapid review and publication, mostly the submitted papers will be published within 15 days..
3. Online availability throughout the year enabling the user to download articles.
4. One of the journals aiming to bring out research in both Science and engineering research with wider scope.
5. IJRERD provides digitally signed e-certificates after online publication.
6. To bring together and build a team of outstanding experts on one platform from all over the world.
7. Publication Charges are very minimum because IJRERD is non profit non loss organization..

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